I have been building websites for over 10 years. I have used numerous platforms, WordPress, Wix, Webflow, Shopify etc. with WordPress being the main one for most of that time. So why have I moved away from it? Well, when I first started using WordPress it enabled me to build websites quickly and efficiently using the latest technology available. Such as mobile responsiveness, e-commerce etc. but over the past 3 years as WordPress has gotten more and more popular it's also becoming a complicated beast. It's now a platform often targeted by hackers and it's getting difficult and time-consuming to keep every part of the website up to date. This results in more costs to my clients, the initial building of the site and then having to maintain it for them.

What is Squarespace?


Squarespace is a platform that enables you to design a website using their software. You build your website just using your web browser. Using their platform ensures that they look after all the security and hosting aspects allowing you to focus on selling your products or services and the marketing of it. Exactly what most small businesses are looking for. Squarespace sells its platform as a place where anyone can build a website. Now, this is true, but so is the statement that everyone is an artist. Just some people would be shit and some others wouldn't. There's a reason why people hire professionals to build their site on Squarespace and this shows in the final product. In a competitive market, you need to stand out and unless you have an eye for design you are better to hire someone who does. We all need to know our strengths.

Ideal for a simple small business website

Small businesses that offer a professional service only need a basic informational website consisting of a few pages detailing their services. Using Squarespace I can deliver this for under £1,000 compared to an agency who would more than likely use a generic WordPress theme and charge you £2,500 minimum. Important to note that Squarespace websites look just as professional and often are faster to load than a basic WordPress website. Google now rates your website speed as a significant factor for ranking it in Google searches.

It can also do e-commerce

If you are looking to sell a product then it's an e-commerce website that you are looking for. E-commerce websites are more expensive to build due to the increased complexity such as the security of payments and the time to upload all the products etc. Squarespace takes all the stress away of worrying about the security of your website etc. as they manage that all that for you as well as the processing of payments. Whether you are selling a couple of products or a complete range of products, Squarespace can handle it. Ideally, Squarespace is great if selling a product isn't your main focus. If it is, check out Shopify. (Shopify is a better platform to use if your just building a website to sell products)

Website maintenance

Some of the websites I have built using Squarespace are 3 years old and still look as good as the day they were built. I haven't had to do anything to them and my clients are comfortable enough to add their own content etc. or change basic information such as phone numbers etc. after a bit of basic training. Like, I mean really basic. Squarespace's themes are modern, on-trend and easy to customise to make them your own. This goes back to having an eye for design. You want to be able to tweak the themes so you don't end up having the same site as everyone else and to create your own brand identity. My clients often worry about the long term maintenance costs of websites and so far my Squarespace clients haven't paid a penny. On the other hand WordPress clients...

Have a look at my website portfolio to see the potential of Squarespace and if it is right for you. Get in touch if you have any questions or need help to design your new website!