Me - 'Phil Whitford'

Before we begin I would like to clear something up. I am not a marketing ninja/guru/expert/wizard or whatever else marketers call themselves these days. I am simply a digital marketer who can help you get your business online and succeed. You will always know what you’re money is being spent on and why it is being spent. I want you to understand what i’m doing for your business and why.

I have over 15 years of digital marketing experience. My main areas of focus are Website Design, Digital Strategy, Pay per Click Advertising, Content Management and On Hand Consultancy.

I have worked for over 30 small businesses in Northern Ireland. I've presented to and trained on a whole range of digital marketing subjects throughout Northern Ireland for local councils. I have consulted for many local small and medium sized businesses. And still my favourite thing is to help small businesses be successful online, strengthen their brand and grow their business on a shoestring.